good web hosting

The importance of good web hosting

In this post, we outline the importance of a good web hosting. How you should choose a host and more.

Let’s dive into it.

What is web hosting?

Every business today has a website therefore every site needs web hosting. Website hosting provides your business with an incredible service by saving files safe, these files are stored in an online server that provides them with quick access anytime. Read more

Shared Hosting vs Reseller Hosting

The Shared Web Hosting plans are for a single owner; we provide one control panel for all of your domains. We do not support reselling on the Shared plans.

The Reseller Hosting plans are intended for an owner who wants to sell hosting. You get to have an unlimited number of control panels, one for each domain. You will get access to WHM and control over DNS zones and more. Read more

COVID-19: Insly Host’s Commitment to Service & Our Customers

As you are already well aware, the COVID-19 virus has created a number of unique challenges for businesses across the globe. Rest assured that your website, business and web hosting are in excellent hands with Insly Host. We are as committed as ever to meet your needs with our high-speed, ultra-reliable web hosting solutions.

What Is Reseller Hosting?

This is articles covers what reseller hosting is, how it works and how to make money through it.

Infact this is how we started Insly Host back in 2010.

Building a self-sustainable online business is a dream for many people. The type of business that can give you a recurring income every month while you pursue other things. Reseller Hosting might be the answer you are looking for. Read more

What Is Web Hosting And How Does It Work?

What Is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is the service of providing storage space for a website or application on a server on the internet. Once your website is made available on the internet, it can be accessed by other users connected to the internet.

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Web Hosting Services Guide In South Africa

This is a guide to help you choose a web hosting South Africa. Great web hosting boils down to speed, support, security & scalability. Your web host should give your or your organization the ability to rapidly scale your website as your target audience grows and the resiliency to handle sudden bursts of high traffic.

South Africa has a wide range of service providers offering a variety of hosting products & services from few rands a month to thousands of rands.

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Should I choose WordPress Hosting vs Shared Hosting?

Should I choose shared hosting for my WordPress website or should I consider WordPress Hosting?

The two options are common types, knowing which its best for your needs can be a challenge, in this post we will compare the two.

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What To Choose between Dedicated IP vs Shared IP?

In this post we will outline when to choose a dedicated IP or shared IP address.

To help you choose, let’s first take a look at how IP addresses work.

When you visit a website after you type into the browser of your choice and hit enter, the browser checks if it has any memory of visiting that domain. If it cannot find any, it asks the internet service provider, “What is the address for”

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