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Search multiple domains in one go

Checking multiple domains one by one can be time-consuming. Instead, save yourself the hassle with a bulk domain search. Using an advanced domain search means you can quickly check the availability of up to 100 domains at once.

Just enter your bulk domain list into the Inslyhost search tool and you’ll find out right away which ones are still available for purchase.

If the domains you want are available, simply add them to your cart once you’ve finished your search. When you register multiple domains at once you can get special discounts from Inslyhost. Run a bulk domain availability check now and register multiple domains.

Bulk Domains FAQ

There are lots of reasons to own more than one domain name. Businesses often buy misspellings of their names, for example, to capture those Web searchers who aren’t good spellers (or typists). Domainers register hundreds or even thousands of domains with the end goal of selling at least some of them at a profit. For them, the bulk domain search tool is a must.

There are other advantages of registering a variety of domain names:

  • Prevent competitors from using a domain name that’s similar to yours to trick shoppers into buying from them rather than you.
  • Advertise individual product lines on separate websites
  • Attract more site visitors by directing keyword domains you own to your main website
  • Increase your chances of getting listed by major search engines
  • Target specific groups of shoppers by using domain names that appeal to them
  • Give your customers more ways to find you on the Web
  • Protect your brand and online identity from squatters who might try to sell you related domains at outrageous prices

A bulk domain search saves you so much time and effort that could be spent on more important tasks. Copy and paste all the keywords into the box and click on Check and that’s it! It couldn’t be easier.

Nobody wants to waste time tediously typing in each domain or keyword one at a time. Once all the available domains have been shown, simply check the ones you want and add them to your cart. From there you can choose how long you want to register the domains (between one and five years) and then buy them.

You can check as many as 100 domains at once. A bulk domain search saves you the effort needed to enter each domain individually. You don’t even need to add the domain extension — simply enter the keywords you’re interested in, either on separate lines or separated by a comma or space, and the bulk domain search tool will check their availability. If they’re up for grabs, you can register them right away.

The bulk domain search tool is especially suitable for those wanting to ensure brand protection. Being able to register as many domains as possible using your brand name prevents others from buying them and possibly harming your brand.

The bulk domain search tool is also useful for agencies and those interested in domain trading, where traders buy domains that have potential in the hope of selling them at a profit. By being able to check up to one hundred names for availability at once, it makes their job a lot easier and quicker.